1. What is DHS?

DHS stands for Dynamic Hit Scoring, which is a patented artificial-intelligence pattern-recognition algorithm that employs advanced mathematics to determine the probability chance of a song being a hit.

2. How does it work? 

The DHS program compares over 80 mathematical patterns within a song to corresponding patterns within a database of over six years worth of Billboard Hot 100 singles.  By analyzing the song, searching for similarities within a large dataset of hit music, each DHS analysis provides a measure of how closely a song mirrors recent hit music on the Billboard charts.

3. Will it tell me if my music is good? 

The DHS cannot qualify whether your music will appeal to the human ear. It is designed to tell you how likely your song is to become a hit based on how similar it is, from a mathematical perspective, to hits of the past as identified in the Billboard Hot 100 chart data.

4. How can a program have musical taste? 

The program itself does not have taste, in the traditional sense.  Instead, by studying the music that has been determined to be "good," insofar as commercial success can dictate, a DHS analysis will tell you how closely your song resembles "good" music.

5. How can having my songs analyzed help me as a musician? 

There are several advantages:

6. If my song is really original, it stands to reason that it will get a low ranking, even though it may have a lot of potential to become a hit. What is the benefit of DHS technology in this case? 

If your song is original to that extent, even top music experts may not see the potential it has. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to gauge your song's potential for success, there is no better way than to analyze your song using DHS. In the end, though, as with all artists, you have to follow your heart if you think you have a hit on your hands. DHS will not tell you definitively that your songs will or will not become successful.  Music is still a subjective art form.  What it can tell you, though, is how closely it resembles the successful music of recent years.